Once criticized Nail Art is now pointed to his good side. On the web, many colorful blogs are dedicated.

From Asia, Nail Art, understand by this nail art or French in the text “nail stylist” (less glamorous) is booming. It must be said that at the time of the “be yourself” and “be yourself” Nail Art is unstoppable to assert his personality.

A rich and varied material

Whether on natural nails or totally false, Nail Art offers a variety that allows the finest follies (and worst!). Glitter, stickers, pens, sponges, stencils and many others are essential. Fortunately, everyday objects such as paper tape or allow you to similar results as long as you are extensively trained before.

Nail Art in there “art”

With patience and training, everyone can get to Nail Art but eventually to learn a lot and quickly, please, there are Nail Art academies like So Nail University or Faced Academy. Finally, there are two schools indispensable: Nail Art Manicure because is successful only if the base and nails are perfect and the study of the blogosphere.


No limit, although

Finally, there is only one limit: good taste. Your imagination will do the rest. Makes rack their brains for femininity. But finally, would it not they who inspire saved?

Want to know more?

Next week, you will find an interview Pshiiit. A little patience. It takes for Nail Art! How to get started in Nail Art? What budget for hands gorgeous and colorful? What are the basics? What do men? What is the trend autumn-winter 2012? Where to find inspiration? Should really stick to one brand? Philosophy Pshiiit “The glitter that’s life” adapts Does all women?

Pink October

To conclude, do not forget Pink October. You have one week, but ultimately, it is for life. To talk about breast cancer that potentially affects 1 in 8 women, wearing the pink ribbon and match your nails adorning a soft pink or fuchsia explosive!