In recent years, the nails are increasingly involved in our look: from the catwalk to the streets has become a must- have perfectly manicured hands and especially perfect nails. They can be painted in light colors or transparent, or with the classic French manicure, techniques that never go out of fashion and are elegant and sober. Or, as we have seen very recently, may exhibit more daring glazes (from canary yellow to blue smurf, from salmon to green water) and nail art very complex. However, if you do not have time to go to the beautician every time our nails require it but we still want to look nice and original also on our hands, the solution is to do it yourself. Some nail art, however, are quite difficult to realize for themselves and necessarily require the skills of a professional, while others are quite simple even for a beginner, such as one that uses the pages of a newspaper. Let’s see what you need.

First, we need a glaze of light color: preferably white, but gray or blue go well clear. You can also use glazes dark: the effect of “paper” will be more realistic, however, if we use a color similar to that of actual paper. But we should pay attention to nail mat (or opaque), which are less suitable for this type of decoration, it is therefore preferable to choose one of those transparencies. We spread the glaze we have chosen uniformly on all nails and let dry thoroughly.


Once the enamel is completely dry, we take a rather small container (preferably tall and narrow) and let’s meet inside a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide. Alternatively, you can use any skin disinfectant have at home.

At this point we need some newspaper pages, which premarital into pieces about the size of our nails: obviously the thumb will serve a larger piece of others and the little finger a smaller one. Take care of your cut pieces of paper in places where there are printed words and not in those where there are blank spaces too large. For this is good and pages any newspaper and those magazines.