The hands are our identity card . They reveal a lot about us: our work, our age the place where we live and even our health . Having beautiful nails and cured it means to have a beautiful presentation of ourselves. When we shake hands with someone and have soft hands we understand that we are attentive to detail and we make an intellectual work . If we have rough hands, our interlocutors understand that we do a manual work maybe exposed to the weather . The nails, then, are very revealing. If our fingernails are bitten we will understand that we are very nervous, if they are broken demonstrate Regardless, if they are properly maintained will give a very good impression even if it is a job interview. However, all must take care of your hands and nails in particular, and it is not difficult: just use the adroitness. Let’s look at five moves.


First you need to treat the nails from the inside of our body. There are commercially excellent supplements designed for skin, hair and nails. Just make three cycles from one month to two or three times a year to have thicker hair , healthier skin and nails stronger especially that they do not break. Even the treatments with calcium helps a lot to have strong nails and healthy. Another move to improve the appearance and the substance of the nails, is to use creams for strengthening nails. In essence are creams for the hands that favor the nails.

A third method that should be assigned to the first two, is to keep your nails clean and free from flaky skin. The nails can capture microbes and bacteria and therefore it is imperative that you do a regular manicure even at home as long as there are no residues under the nails. Fourth notice is not to keep the nails are too long for several reasons. First, it is tacky and we will give only if we look scruffy nails longer than 2 inches. Except for an act of hygiene, not good because they seem uneducated. When you cut, you also have to use a nail file to soften them and do not leave tips.

As a last piece of advice, always applied on the nails a polish transparent protective so they will be shiny and defenses against external agents, soaps etc. The colored enamel is an embellishment but does not necessarily have manicured nails especially if the glaze is not applied well or if it starts to deteriorate. Nails are an incredible weapon of seduction: use it in the best way.