The nail art is the art of decorating nails in various ways possible. It is a real fashion in recent years, found mainly among younger women who prove quite imaginative and accurate in putting it into practice. In this article we will see, through some simple steps, how to make a nail art through the fruit. Following several steps, each time, all appear easier than it seems.

nail art

The nail art that we propose is colorful, fresh summer flavor that fits well into a playful look and cheerful. This can be done both on the nails natural that on fake ones, and the method to be followed is the same in both cases. First, you must perform a careful manicure, then obtain all the glazes you need. So will imply the straw yellow, the deep red, dark green, black, white and a transparent base.

At this point you need to make a puree transparent basis on all of them and nail, once dry, you have to cover the straw pretty tenuous. This will be the background color of the fruits that are going to draw. You may also use a pearly white or a pastel pink from very light shade, as an alternative to straw yellow. The idea is to alternate your nails with the strawberries and cherries, which are the typical fruits of summer. Through a dotter fine-tipped, you must start to create two solid rings, slightly spaced, alternating on nails. For example, you can make this kind of operation on the thumb, the medium and little finger. Take, then, the green dots and combine the two, creating a kind of inverted V, which will form the branch of cherries. Perform, in addition, a small leaflet of the same color.

Allow to dry everything well, and move to the other nails, where you have to draw the small strawberries as we are about to illustrate. Dip the dotter in red enamel and make a spot oval not too precise. Also through the rotted, take the green and outline a leaflet at the top of the strawberry, and then let it dry completely. After drying enamel, take a rotted very thin and run many small dots with a black enamel on strawberries, to achieve the typical effect of the seeds of strawberries. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the white milk.

Once the work has been completed, you need to take the white pearl, and then create points of light around the drawn fruits. Subsequently, when the designs have become completely dry, it is necessary to safeguard them with a final pass of top coat , which has the function of protecting the decorations. The top coat is a so-called enamel finish, which gives brilliance to the nails. In doing so, the nails are flashy and fashionable.