If you love to paint our nails with nail art so we can achieve it in different ways, and it can even three colors. To achieve the desired effect, it is important to use the right tools, and give our nails a decorative appeal and unique designs that are used for the combination of brushes. Brushes of various sizes, with different effects, then we allow you to create designs on the nails. Others with pronounced and vivid hues, so serve some intense nail color thin brushes, add embellishments such as lines and rods.


To decorate your nails with nail art techniques, is definitely in addition to traditional brushes, skills, and other appropriate materials; In fact, over time, sustained a high quality design, obtain, and in particular, well-defined images and without any debarring, we have together with smaller masks, this technique requires a special spray gun. Received a decoration with nail stencil, this decorative technique is very common in various colors, glitter and rhinestones, either. If you have a steady hand, however, this works on the nails, we do it freehand and can still get good results. We draw lines with a fine brush and acrylic enamel, using the first image you select and start drawing. At this point, after cutting the nail with two thin strips, for example, we can draw the Italian tricolor flag. Now, with white acrylic enamel is a drop in the center, and to determine the boundaries of fine used with large brush, then smear it evenly.

After applying with a clean brush, we, colored thin but polished to eliminate excess fat in order to provide. After laying the enamels of the three colors, we can proceed with other small finishing procedures, which allow us to get a nail art tricolor. At this point of the process, we again the thin brush, and finish the contrasts between colors, then we have to apply the glitter and finally transparent enamel or pearl, to get a shiny effect, exclusive of nail art that is just as.