To ensure health, long life and beauty to our hair and to prevent, as far as possible, their fall. it is important to know them well and use some tricks. The hair suffers a lot of stress periods and becoming more fragile. Hair is a important part of the body. So we have to strong hair at any cost. Climate change also affects our hair. The factors that undermine the health of the scalp are manifold. But there are solutions to the problem, allowing you to preserve them without having to spend figures from dizziness. With this guide here we explain how to make hair stronger.


First, I recommend what not to do to help the hair to regain vitality. The main rule is to avoid overly combed you treat them with force or using things to make them more smooth etc … When it is possible, it is advisable to leave the hair free, with no stretchy and without continuing to touch and brush, especially in way very strong. Brush is fine, but do not overdo it and do it to the best scallops in circulation are those of wood. Moreover Hair is made ​​up of fibers that alter the thermal variation and is therefore preferable to use the hair dryer in a balanced way, without abusing it. Even the frequent washings are to be avoided, and when it is impossible, it is advisable to dilute the dose of shampoo and use the least aggressive. So the first tip is to let your hair free, at least for the time necessary to make them shoot from continuous treatments.

Take care of the scalp is not something that takes a long time: just once a month, have half an hour to be able to keep posing a hair mask easy to prepare. Take eggs and cocoa bitter enough in relation to the length of your hair, put them in a bowl and stir. Place the mask on the length and keep it on the hair. After thirty minutes, rinse thoroughly. It is an excellent remedy, easy and fast, to restore life to dull hair and brittle. Every now and then is good, before washing with shampoo, put a few drops of olive oil on scalp and massage. The massage stimulates the circulation and slows down the aging process of our hair nourishing them in depth. Beyond oil looking for, every night, making a circular motion with your fingers on the scalp for at least 10 minutes. Well find results within the first month.