Finally the summer has arrived and with it the daring with color, to be solar and why not, to be envied by her friends. Precisely for this reason, today we will see how to make a nail art spring . And since when the sun does not wait to run out in the open, the nail art that I propose is really quick and easy to implement, so as to have more free time to devote to yourself.

nail art

The first steps will obviously those basic care of nails . Then take a file and perfected every nail giving it the appearance arc. If necessary remove any cuticle present on the edge and push into the cuticles with the help of a tweezers . Although this last step is the most hated part of women, try not to blow it for no reason: it is a surefire way to give the nails a visibly healthier and to make them look long and slender. Finally, some time before the creation of nail art , massage fingers with almond oil, to nourish good for your nails.

Will now time to spread the glaze . First you have to apply a clear base. The choice of the latter is very subjective and varies according to the characteristics of your nails. However in this case it would be advisable to opt for an anti-yellow. You will go in fact to use of very bright colors and for any reason your nails will be affected. As you know the base dries in a few minutes, after which you can proceed with the drafting of the enamel which will be the background to the decor.

When the polish is dry, put close to you the bowl (or a plate), the rotted and acrylic. These tools will serve to create a flower on the nails, but before these duties are a few caveats. For the uninitiated the rotted is a tool that has two small balls at the ends. Once a ball will have been dipped in color, you can create the dots of variable size on the media. In this case it will be good to use initially the larger sphere.