The nail art has fascinated and continues to fascinate millions of women who love to show always in good shape and well-maintained. The latest addition to the world of “DIY style” is the shadow manicure, a technique that provides a sort of gradual fade between one color and another on the same nail. This guide will show you how to make a manicure shadows without the need for a professional job and no special tools.

First, make sure that on your nails there are no residues of varnish applied before, then switch on your nails with a floppy disk or a cotton ball a little nail polish remover or acetone. Without this, tee off with a usual manicure: scissors, nail file, cuticle oil and moisturizer. In short, everything you do before applying any nail polish.

Now switch on the nail a base coat. Will do also a clear glaze, beige or white milk. Now choose two or three colors you want to blend into one another. It best to choose the colors that belong to the same range of colors, so as to make it more “natural” (although it is impossible to speak of naturalness). For example, purple, lilac and light pink. That is going to be a darker tone and decided to a more tenuous. Now you can start your shadows manicure.


Take a small sponge. Will do a foundation sponge or a section of the sponge designed to cookware and dishes. If you use the kitchen sponge, Moisten a bit (very little). Now take the three glazes and, with each of them, draw a horizontal line on the sponge from the top of the sponge itself. Roll in substance before the enamel dark stripe just below the enamel of the first stretch of the second and then the third. Now I have to do is use the sponge as stamp and dab your nails. Remember to recharge the sponge for each finger, so true bright colors and strong. After all buffered nails, let dry enamel and rose to finish a coat of top coat, so as to fix it. Now there remains only take the cotton swab, in the beverli in nail polish remover and clean the skin around your nails that will surely be full of nail polish! W ‘a task that will require a little patience, but so have created a shadow manicure with your usual glazes and with minimal effort!.