The walkways spring / summer 2013 collection presented with models of the masterpieces of aerodynamic head. For us mere mortals it is impossible to create such masterful works, but with the right tools and some magazine styling in hand , create the hairstyles for long hair is not that difficult. Lets talk about Hairstyles for Long Hair.

hairstyles for long hair

The long hair never goes out of fashion. Its practicality is that, just create a ponytail and was immediately ready to leave the house in order. Today in the market there are many products for hair care, and if they are long, they need more attention because they tend to ripple, to shed fibers to knot. Keep them gathered in elegant styling that is not the usual banal tail is a good idea for a look in glossy effect. To achieve these hairstyles need of specific products such as mousse, gel, wax, the plate, the curlers, the hair dryer.

If you are looking for a clean look and modern, concentrated the styling on top of your hair. Collect them into a low ponytail and pulled well. Apply the gel on the fringe and wrap it back in a big curler from head to remove dry. For security fixed with spray gel .

The freeze is not difficult to achieve, but in the long run breaks the hair, then this hairstyle for important occasions. On dry hair past the plate freeze , then upside down, open the “serpentine” and from the tips to the roots without getting there. This look is not recommended for those who face a “stout” could make it even more bloated. If you do not have the plate do not despair. Wet hair get many small braids. Once the hair is dry, dissolve braids and still get the effect freeze. With the cold air of the dryer disheveled hair to give it more volume. Now proceed with the hairstyle. The starting point is the line side. The hair can pick them up in different ways, it is important to leave a tuft worked with plate freeze coming down the front. Pick up all the hair back with a ponytail medium high.