The hands are our calling card , are the ones that put on display the most, those who are before they see first. It is for this reason that we must try to keep them well-maintained so that the image of us, which is transmitted to the next, is positive. In this guide we will see how to file my nails short and take care of our hands.

The actions that you can perform in this regard could be two, the first one to bring us at a beautician and let her play all the work. This choice would definitely excellent results, but at the economic level a little less. Or is there another solution that would allow us to have your hands in perfect shape and with a low expenditure of money, do it yourself. Let’s start by taking a pot where we will put some warm water, immerse your fingers trying to keep your nails well to soak, leave them for at least a few minutes . Once this time has elapsed we could start prepare for the manicure itself. If we had the old polish Eliminate it with a wad of cotton wool. Plunge again nails in warm water for a few moments. Now we dry your fingers with a soft towel, making sure to remove all moisture.


Let us now a layer of cream hydrant in order to further nourish the skin of the fingers, as well as soften the cuticles. The latter should not be eliminated by cutting, simply lower them into the base with a special stick. It is a really imported element to protect our nail infections and fungus attacks.

Now take the scissors, sharp pointed and well, we begin to cut our nails, in case they are long, so as to shorten them, if they are already court in this case we should limit ourselves to only use the file in trade if they can find to two types, those in aluminum, practically perennial, or those disposable cardboard. The latter have an effect on your nails less invasive than the first model to give the shape by filing, we should stick certain procedures standard, the first is to follow the shape of the nail to have a valid point of reference on the model to be followed The second is that of not polish never the nail from the bottom upwards, or sideways, in these two ways we will only weaken the structure of the nail itself .