The winter has strained our lips because they are a very sensitive part and are the first to feel the effects of temperature rigid. This guide will give you some tips how to protect your lips from the cold, to prevent cracking and splitting and have the lips always soft and moisturized.

Give the lip balm your trusted companion, but most of all, please choose one without parables and silicone that give just the feeling of hydration, however, be sure that they contain natural oils that are really nutritious. Every day before going out upholster the lips of cocoa butter and door always stick with you. This is the easiest and most effective way to protect your lips from the cold. Do not ever lick your lips when you hear recce, especially if you’re away from home, outdoors and then exposed to cold. Often we do it because we feel dry lips to moisturize and we believe, but we only get the opposite result.


It is also useful to follow healthy cold-proof, in fact, the lips are among the parts of our body which first suffer from nutritional imbalances, and to cope with the low temperatures make the full of vitamins and antioxidants. Drink lots of water, at least 1 liter and a half or 2 liters.

If you just do not managed to prevent cracking and tearing can try some shock therapy to repair the damage. You can apply a thin layer of honey on the lips and leave it on for about twenty minutes, in fact, this promotes healing. Or use an oil tea tree which has an anti-inflammatory effect and leave him laying on the lips for about ten minutes .

One way to moisturize your lips very chapped lips is to lay on a few drops of olive oil extra virgin olive oil, helping you with your fingers, you will feel immediately the beneficial effect of the oil. You can do this at night before going to sleep, so let it work all night and have the perfect lips the next morning.

Another important step is to do at least once or twice a week scrub the lips. We propose two methods. Get a toothbrush that you use only for this operation, sauce in a lip balm almost finished (which will use only for this purpose) and then pass on the lips so as to remove the cuticles and dead skin cells. The lip balm will ensure that the brush is not too aggressive.

Alternatively, create your own do-it-yourself scrub by mixing olive oil with sugar cane, passing this mixture on your lips helping you with your fingers. Immediately after the scrub nourish your lips with a lip balm or olive oil. Follow my advice and your mouth will be beautiful throughout the winter!