There are times and occasions that require a particular type of girl clothing . I’m talking about weddings, baptisms, funerals and the like. As for the holidays, there are no precise rules but it is good to sing the dress to the party in order to be in tune with the climate and the atmosphere Here are some tips on how to dress for Easter .

First we have to consider that Easter is a feast both religious and secular even though religion certainly has more importance. It is celebrated every Sunday and spring. Sure there are the years that falls a bit early and then you are no longer in winter than in spring. This aspect must be considered for choosing the proper attire.

Whether there is hot and cold surely the black is not a color Easter. Easter is a joyous celebration, of rebirth for the colors too sad and serious do not go right in fashion. Council pastel colors such as pink, turquoise, canary yellow or blue sky. The white is perfect. You can also opt for something with a floral mauve or maybe on the polka dots that almost always go out of fashion. Perfect also a Prince of Wales or the ideal pied hen that never fade. Once you have decided the color, you have to think the model. Normally you opt for a full suit or a jacket and trousers of a fabric is not too heavy but not very light. If we talk about the whole jersey dress is perfect. If it’s cold, a feather duster in the same color but darker is the perfect complement accompanied by appropriate accessories and especially coupled as color.


As for the men, of course, the question changes is all very well an elegant dress at the right point on the light gray or blue as long as there is under a nice shirt youth with various reasons. The tie is may very well prevent the scent Important: fresh and natural, such as myrtle and vetiver.

As regards children, there can bizarre both with the colors that with the models. For girls, a pretty dress with flowers or stripes with white socks and patent leather shoes. You can go with a tee in the elegant taffeta. As for the boys would recommend a white shirt with a vest and shorts below the knee or longer in blue or light gray. A jacket in the same color but not very elegant could be the right completion . Even the combination shirt and cotton sweater is perfect. The important thing is to be joyful.