The large eyes are sweet and romantic and have an important role in seduction. With a trick well done, we can harmonize and emphasize the beauty of big eyes, whatever color they are. We must simply know how to use the right colors, harmoniously.

Big eyes are the dream of many women, and to obtain a more sensual, just re-size them, giving them a look “feline”. A few simple tips can help you get a sensual look. Start by putting a neutral eyeshadow on your eyelids, then with a light eye shadow, starting from the inside of the eye just below the eyebrows. If you are young, launch yourself on choosing a bright eye shadow, but if you have some more, you can use an eye shadow satin . Now go all eyeliner (or black pencil) and draw a line not too thick, from the center of the eyelid and ending with a “tang” at the end of the eye. This is the first step in an elongated eye. If the line you used the black pencil, go to blend it with a black eyeshadow, so as to make the stretch less net. Con a black kohl pencil and then go to draw the line of the eye and move your upper lashes with a good mascara lengthening, always black. The trick will be very fine and elegant, sensual and will make your look .


If you prefer shades of brown, I have another tip for you. Take it with a soft bristle brush a little ‘beige eye shadow, not so dark, above the inner corner of your eye. The stretch should not be defined, but light and faded thoroughly. Then take a little ‘brown eyeshadow and blend around the eye contour area close to the lashes, to blend it with the beige eyeshadow previously made ​​and in the final part of the eye, being both warm colors blend well together. With an eye shadow borders to the shaded then the central part of the eye, going to blend it with beige and brown. Past, finally, a line of black eyeliner all attach of the upper lashes, a bit in the final part of the eye. With a pencil brown, color then the internal lines, upper and lower, and with a black pencil do the same procedure, but starting from the middle row. The interior will have a gradient that will leave your eyes from brown to black and arrive. Finished your makeup by applying a lengthening and voluminous mascara, black.