The jeans, you know, is the most versatile item of clothing ever invented: it can be worn with almost everything, and choosing the right accessories, also lends itself to an evening look . The same does not apply to other garments fabric denim that, unlike the five-pocket pants world’s most famous, are rather difficult to match. One of these is the denim shirt, a classic evergreen very often present in wardrobes of men and women. Come back into vogue in recent years, compared to the t-shirt in cotton or classic shirts, it is a leader not easy to wear, especially in the case of a shirt in men’s jeans. Here then are some tips for creating the right look without mistakes.

Women always have a wide range of choices in clothing and home, even when wearing a t-shirt in denim , can indulge themselves with the most varied combinations. Different is the case instead of a denim shirt by man. The total denim, in which the jacket is paired with jeans of the same fabric and color for men is to be avoided. Very popular in the 80s, the look cowboy is out today especially in men’s fashion.


If you really want to wear a denim shirt with jeans, you should choose a pair with a different wash, preferably in a shade much darker, so as to break: in this way, the jeans will seem more like a trouser fabric and you will not run the risk of creating an outfit western movie style, far removed from current trends.

The man who prefers to dress in a more classic will match the denim shirt with pants with regular (go well both light and dark): the belt of leather or leather in panda with the shoes will be the accessory that will complete a casual look but at the same time refined Worn together instead of shorts in bright dots (white or ecru), the denim shirt will be perfect for an outfit from day sports and trendy.

Younger guests can wear the denim shirt completely unbuttoned, putting under a t-shirt in cotton , long sleeve or short (depending on the model of the shirt). Both with a shirt with a printed or plain, the denim shirt will become the perfect garment for a sporty outfit, ideal for the dynamic man always in step with the times.