The Dutch model Laura Kampman is in the top 10 of the promising newcomers in the fashion world. According to experts the short time she will be big. The seventeen year old Laura Kampman is a unique beauty with a strong look. She has a distinctive and powerful face and that is exactly what the fashion look. Trendy Style Laura Kampman met backstage at the fashion show of Max Mara. It was early in the morning. Laura’s makeup and hair were done and she was friendly with her mother, her on her trips abroad accompanying talk. We could not fail to exchange a few words with the Dutch, where all eyes in the fashion world at this moment oriented.

Laura Kampman tells us that its first fashion week in Milan. I work only since last season as a full time fashion model. Then I Paris and New York done , she says. What they do not tell you is that they are in New York as a newcomer immediately attracted attention and soon after the campaign of Valencia with fashion photographer Steven Melisse in the award. It acquired Laura Kampman immediate fame in the fashion world and all the doors swung open for her. This season I do all the fashion cities , says Laura Kampman further. This means London, New York, Milan and Paris. The show of Max Mara is my first show here in Milan . We ask Laura Kampman or she already knows what she shows in Paris will advance. No, I do not know. That’s always a surprise. You never know in advance. (A week after the interview we saw Laura in Paris at least on the runways.


Laura Kampman brushes over the braids tightly behind her head bound together. First, was it really tight ,she says, but they have somewhat loosened. Now it does not hurt. The androgynous look for the fashion show of Max Mara does Laura’s face with the powerful features come out. She radiates peace and wisdom which is unusual for a seventeen year old. We ask her what she of the Max Mara show takes. I think it’s really cool. I find the clothes very nicely. Very strong. We totally agree with her. And understand very well why our Dutch Max Mara Laura Kampman for the show has achieved.