Being a model is one of the most amazing professions there, because you have the opportunity to travel around the world and make lots of money while doing what you love. Many people have dreamed of becoming a model. The truth is that if you want to be a model need to be prepared to be rejected many times, it is part of the business. Depending on your physical characteristics and the reasons, why you want to be a model the path will be determined in your career as a model.


There are people who want to be a model because they love the clothes makeup and want to get involved in the industry of fashion and beauty. Other people just want to be famous or be the center of attention. Other reasons why you want to be model may be you want to make money try new experiences or be independent.

Different Types of Model:

  • Magazine / Editorial
  • Catalog
  • Runway
  • Advertising
  • Showroom
  • TV
  • Music videos
  • Large sizes
  • Underwear
  • Swimwear
  • Petite
  • nude
  • Body parts
  • body Painting
  • Childish
  • Physical Requirements for Model

No requirement is essential and there are always exceptions. For you it is easier to be accepted / a by an agency, it is better to meet the highest possible requirements. Depending on the type of modeling you are going to make you will need some requirements or other. Overall, the requirements for the model are Normally, the minimum height required to be a model depends on the country where it is and the type of modeling you want to perform.

To be runway model, have the minimum height is essential. In major fashion cities like New York, Paris and Milan the minimum height is 1.80 m. In other countries and US states to work in a secondary fashion market such as Miami Chicago or Los Angeles you can be a fashion model with a minimum height of 1.70 other modeling jobs height is not so important.

There is no ideal model for weight. If it is for gateway, the important thing is to be tall and thin to clothing that is made in one size as an example, fits well. For other jobs, either photography or television will depend on what they want at that time. The models that succeed in major fashion cities usually start their careers between the ages of 12 and 22 years, although there are exceptions. In other cities, not so much the age at which it begins.

The skin look healthy and clean is very important in a model because it is much better in photographs. Healthy, beautiful and well cared for teeth is something also essential to succeed as a model. A nice hair that is healthy, clean, with a good cut and not spoiled by the dye or permanent is also very important. For all types of female models is important that the nails are not too long, they are maintained, clean and painted with clear or natural colors. Bitten nails do not look at all well.


  • Punctuality
  • Constancy
  • Motivation
  • To be organized
  • Maturity
  • Decide right
  • High self-esteem