The bag is that indispensable accessory that completes your look. He also follows his own fashion trends. That is why today we want to show you what will be worn this spring-summer of 2017. We will tell you everything below.

The belts

Of course, although the shape is the same as the one we had in the 90’s, the truth is that they have evolved into somewhat more contemporary styles. That is why we find metalized fabrics, glitter or embroidery. You can wear them at the waist or hang on one shoulder.

Fashion handbags

Straw Bags

Inspired by a bag that looked like a wicker basket by Jane Birkin, the brand Blooming Dreamer has released a bag that closely resembles that. Although we still do not see it as such in low cost fashion firms, the truth is that some are already encouraging with wicker bags with different shapes. Here are two examples of Blooming Dreamer.

The backpacks

Backpacks are also the main stars of this spring-summer bag collection. There are in size, say, normal, but also mini backpacks, which are the ones that seem to be ticking trend. You will find fabrics, embroidery, animal print prints patches, etc.

Photo gallery

Now I leave you with the photo gallery where you will see examples of Zara, Stradivarius and Pull and Bear handbags. As you will see, there are many styles to choose from, from more informal with much color to others in neutral tones. Bouncers, backpacks, mini handbags, wicker bags, patches, embroidery, shoulder strap, handle.