The sneakers are no longer just meant for the look of the gym. Now they conquer the street to complement with comfort and style costumes that go from the casual to the formal with a particular air of joviality and freshness. The businessperson talks about trends in clothing, accessories and beauty, as well as people and places. She is also co-founder and publisher of Sin pose, YouTube channel where she gives advice on what is fashionable or not.

athletic and chic

I use tennis of all styles. I have some that run with everything and use them for day to day. In addition, I have others that are harder to combine and I only use them when I go to a special event. For example, I have some gold tennis shoes that I love and they are my elegant-casual shoes.

There are elegant tennis and casual tennis. For example, there are textured or patent leather leathers, which are perfect for wearing with dresses or formal pants. The simplest ones are for ‘combat’. I love to include jewelry in looks with tennis, jeans and T-shirt. For my new jewelry brand women who wear casual looks and who like to wear a jewel or a gemstone that fits their style inspired me. Just as there is tennis to wear, every day there is jewelry to wear every day.

What advice do you give to people who feel like they are on Sunday when they use tennis and do not dare to wear them every day? Break the paradigm that there is only tennis to exercise. Today there is everything and for all styles. Of course, you have to differentiate between tennis and exercise. The gym is not the same as going to the office.