Treat your hair is not a detail! A beautiful and healthy hair actually affects our overall appearance! Why complain about a hair unmanageable when enough small steps to preserve it? You have to constantly take care of your hair! Whatever type of hair you have and exhausted from cleaning the curly unmanageable just a few moves to keep the health of your hair, so we get to make the most of our beauty and to give body and shine to any color. Find out how to have healthy and beautiful hair.

Do not have to wash your hair too often contrary to what you think! If you overdo it by washing the scalp does not have the ability to defend themselves using substances that naturally produces. This will cause it to produce more. As a result the hair will “get dirty” faster. Do not enter into a vicious circle. The right frequency is once MAXIMUM twice a week. restraints especially in summer when the tendency is just to wash your hair every day, frequent bathing in the pool or at the beach help to revitalize our hair, we must therefore have even more care.


Do not use too many different products or products with the same function. Choose, after experiencing long, the products that best meet your needs and use only these. This does not prevent you to change every now and then! Do you prefer natural products against those that stifle your hair instead of improving them. Search the limit of your tastes to maintain a hairstyle closer to your natural you’ll avoid a lot of stress to your hair, whether curly to have a perfectly smooth ‘ll use several chemicals, for example, and most will use a lot of hairspray, try to limit yourself and dry the hair natural perhaps using only oils natural to remove the frizz. Use the hair dryer moderately to low temperature and at the right distance, to use less and less is instead the plate, even if you are the fanatical, use it less and less, you will learn to appreciate you an that without.

For the proper care of your hair should not underestimate the power of good nutrition! Although it seems not to affect a healthy and balanced diet promotes healthy hair . Do not forget to eat walnuts and almonds at least once a week: promote the growth and strength (in addition to being delicious)! If your situation is critical, please contact your trusted herbalist for a natural supplement.