Gold is the key protagonist of the 2013 winter makeup chic and refined. Shiny metallic glow, shimmer and warm shades are mixed together to reveal the versatility of gold. ‘s dark shades, dark and dramatic are the undisputed queens of the cold season , but the gold with its warm reflections is the space between them and stands as a key protagonist as regards the make up of bright and elegant. The walkways give us interesting ideas about it, including the eyeliner intense and dazzling Marches and shimmer of gold Christian Dior you just need to choose the make up is best for you and start experimenting.

Makeup ideas themed gold

Gold is one of the tones to play with to make make up cool winter coming. The ‘gold great protagonist of the summer with intense reflections to emphasize the perfect tan is confirmed king of trends in winter cold and delicate nuances. The make-up day turns to shades of gold to give depth and light to the eye, make this type of makeup is a simple dusting of pale gold eyeshadow over the entire eyelid and a rich past of mascara and voila you’re done. For the evening, the gold is used to create intense fields of color are best in this case pencils and gold eyeliner to use for beading around the eye and make it so shiny. For lovers look very shine the idea is more in turn the face with warm reflections gold applied over cheekbones illuminating in this shade, while the more fanciful gold can be the perfect shade to create a cat eyes and extreme hyper bright jewel.


The beauty product not to be missed

Gold was the great protagonist on the catwalk in winter and on the clothes that make-up and it is very obvious, therefore, find it in collections make up the most popular brands. Company offers its personal touch of gold eyeliner Glam Liner Baroque, Chanel reinterpretation of the delicate and sophisticated with the ‘Eyeshadow Enlighten, while co-star Dior makes an elegant collection make up proposing in enamel Jungle and the warm palette Golden Savannah. If you love gold and you want to turn your nails into precious jewels we suggest you try the top coat The Man With The Golden Gun by OPI , a small masterpiece that is part of the collection of enamels created to celebrate 50 years of James Bond , while if you want to turn your face with warm and elegant gold reflections, we suggest that you not be running off the new lighting proposed by Yves Saint Laurent, the Dare to Ware in the shade Tempting Gold.