Belts have existed since primitive times formerly used to support the tunics that covered the body. In Greek mythology and in history in general you can see paintings or images that in their dress they wore this accessory some other simple way very ostentatious.


The belt is a complement to the clothing that gives style to the garments although it is not indispensable. It is ideal to enhance the figure, mark the silhouette of the body and give a personal and striking touch to clothes, hence the person.

The belts have been in fashion since forever, and although some designers have wanted to remove them from the closet have not been able to achieve. This class of article is perfectly adapted to any fashion that is established.

The use of the belt:

Using a belt is something that you have to take some precautions because you can benefit or disadvantage the figure, given their multiple presentations. Some belts can help the person to look thinner in other cases they can give thickness to the person. Therefore, it is necessary to choose in detail the appropriate one for each body. Consulting in the place where the purchase is going to take place or for a good designer would be ideal.

In the case of wide belts that are used as a waistband, it is necessary to know that they make the bust and hips appear much larger. If they are wide and loose on the hips stylize the figure of both the thin woman and the plump. In the case of the thin belt on the hips are not recommended for women who are thick because they are swimming and enhance their proportion making them look fatter.

The models and textures of the belts are very varied so it also depends on the occasion in which one is going to take one. If it is at a party at night it is safest to wear a silver or gold belt simply on the buckle. It has always been demanded that the belt be consistent with shoes handbag and other accessories that are worn.

However, some dress, as you feel better as long as you do not make a fool of yourself. It is necessary to have common sense obviously it is better presented and more organized a person who combines his wardrobe very well but if the person is more daring and likes to leave the usual, it is recommended that at least do it soberly, if really wants to be fashionable.