If you are chilly but you do not want to give up fashion, a good idea is to create a shawl with irons, and this guide will explain how to do. The process is not particularly difficult, but if you are a novice, an increased number of the knife, to make it easier to count points.

The model I propose is very original, because it takes the vintage styles of the 60s. The shawl is in fact shaped bed jacket, tied under the breasts by a romantic ribbon. ‘ll Be fine with either a clothing young and perky that with a stylish look. Choose wool according to your taste, but remember that reading lights are perfect in soft colors and delicate. The yarn should be measuring light, to give the boss a good effect soft and enveloping. Buy it, however, in double wire to bring out more clearly the points that will be used.


Take the numbered irons 3 and begins to mount on the right 302 mesh. This measure is calculated for a size 42-44. With increasing size, add 10 points to the chain (for example, if you carry a 46 mounted 312 mesh). Work in rib for the past 35 cm. Running it is simple: you have to assemble a number of stitches divisible by 4 and add 3 to the total. Make the first iron with * 2 rights and 1 mesh passed or slipped inside out *. Repeat from * to * until end of row, and close with 2 rights. The equivalent irons are all made ​​in reverse. Works the following 10 cm in stockinette st (odd-numbered irons and straight irons equal backward), then weaves.

At this point you have to bend the work in the width direction, on the underside. Sew the overcasting the sides, before placed on trial and then binging with the same yarn shawl. These two openings will form the sleeves. Put on your head for the finishing touches. In the part of the neck, bend the height Ribbed in two, until the desired height. Mark the precise point with pins. Now you can remove the shawl and secure, always proceeding in reverse, 90 cm of tape on each side, with some tiny slipped (it uses a very fine needle). On the back, strengthens the two armholes with two lists of tape to fit. Depending on your fancy, you can then customize your boss, adding colored stones, tassels, sequins or even inserts in felt and wool , for a country look shabby and chic.