Dress following the trends and fashions of the moment is not always easy, especially in times of crisis. The world of catwalks each season offers new and exclusive garments and fashion designers dictate the guidelines for a perfect look. Shopaholics are always ready to snap up the latest creation of their designer favorite and are willing to do anything to be trendy . And those who have a limited budget? How to be fashionable without spending a fortune? Here’s what you can not miss in any wardrobe.

The jeans are by far the most evergreen head, both for women’s clothing for the male. You can pick any number of patterns and colors, but the pants most famous in the world must be in the closets of women and men of any age. Since they were created, jeans clothes are among the most popular, loved not only by young people. Comfortable and practical, combine with everything. Suitable for any season, when combined with the right accessories can also be worn for an evening look.


Another item of clothing is essential evening dress: should there be at least one in every self-respecting wardrobe. For women, the timeless little black dress is a must: short or long, the important thing is that it is an elegant material, perhaps enhanced by a few strands of sequins. Even men should always have in your wardrobe put a classical dress with trousers and jacket strictly in combination in dark shades of black or gray, light shirt and tie (preferably plain).

And now the accessories, the details that make all the difference to any occasion. Inevitable to define the look of every woman, are also equally important in men’s fashion. We start from the shoes. To be ready for any occasion, a pair of black pumps are the ideal solution for dinners, lunches, cocktail parties and ceremonies of all kinds. The men just wear the classic elegant lace leather, suitable for all formal events.

Even the bag has an important role for work or leisure women, we recommend a roomy shopper always combined with leather shoes. For an evening look flawless however, a small elegant satin clutch will make even the simplest of clothes. Man Casual wear a small multiprocessor shoulder bag and pay attention to the choice of the belt for more formal occasions.