The belly is one of the critical points of every woman. That is swollen with a few extra pounds or more, can make it difficult choice of outfit . However, with the right precautions , you can create a look specifically designed to hide the defect. Here is what to wear to cover the belly.

The first proposal is appropriate for the day and go to work. The outfit is simple, portable and non-binding, although of great style and sophistication. Put on a pair of cigarette pants with high waist and stretch. This model helps to keep contained the stomach and flatten considerably. Above, combined with a white shirt and a basic tailored jacket black, clean lines. All this is complemented by the black neckline with medium heel, with a height greater than 8 cm.


If you are planning a drink or out with friends, copy this proposal hyper-feminine : Choose a nice dress 50s, cut high at the waist and full skirt. As is known, the pin-ups of that time were quite shapely, but they knew skillfully exploit the soft curves of their gorgeous body. In the winter season, it will be a perfect sweater shrugs in the same key. The socks are opaque, black, and possibly retrenchment, for an additional flat stomach effect .

For the evening, the solutions are many and suitable for every personality. If you love simplicity, opt for an empire style dress, which is close to the breast and soft underneath. Ideally solid and dark. The top colors? Black, dark blue, teal and burgundy. You are extravagant and amaze you like? Wear a corset along just below the hips, the dark jeans and a structured jacket, perhaps with puff sleeves. You will be perfect and your little imperfection will definitely second floor.

Any clothing you choose, the important thing is to follow some basic precautions. No absolute skirts, jeans and low rise pants, pastel colors and stretch dresses. Yes instead of the high-waisted and vintage pieces the ’50s and ’60s. Attention also to the tissues. The curves can be seen much more with the jersey and elastic fibers, while they conform perfectly with the rest of the body if wrapped in soft textures like cotton, linen and cashmere. A pair of high heels, finally, in addition to slim the figure, will make you look long-limbed and well proportioned.