Choosing the right clothing for the mid-season is not an easy task and undermines a bit all. Sudden rains, sudden changes in temperature and climate can have catastrophic repercussions on our outfits, putting, often in unpleasant situations. The morning sun prompts us to leave the house with a skirt and a pair of ballet shoes but when we leave the office we find ourselves in a downpour to slalom between the puddles for not getting our feet wet. Vignette fun but, alas!, much more common and annoying than you may think. But then how should dress to face the best mid-season and be prepared for any eventuality? Here we go in this tutorial.


The first thing to consider to get a perfect look mid season is the weight of clothing to wear. It is good to choose medium-weight fabrics and matched with each other in layers. The classic clothing so-called onion is ideal when the weather is unknown. Dress in layers, in fact, offers the possibility of undress or become covered if necessary according to the temperature changes. One of the leaders who should not ever fail in these cases is the cardigan . Easy to put on and take off, the cardigan is practical and versatile and fits easily to any outfit .

A great ally for our mid-season clothing is, without doubt, the scarf. Lightweight and soft like a mishmash covers the throat and protects against colds. Broad and enveloping, however, turns into shawl and is ideal for shelter from the sudden cold. Choose the model you like, but do not forget to bring it with you in your bag. way of grants: better to focus on a shopping bag or bags roomy and comfortable able to hold all the accessories you need.

Much attention should be paid to the choice of shoes to wear. Avoid models that summer is too too much winter. Go ahead to the classic rubber boots, especially if the weather threatens rain: they are glamorous and very practical. If you do not like galoshes or the temperatures are still too high to wear them, betting on a pair of boots or booties Texans comfortable and versatile. Also ideal lace-ups .