Often happens, even if you have a closet full of front spend hours looking for what to wear. We know all the “old Matches”, which have already been forgiven and. And we would love to find something new, using what we have. Meanwhile, it is essential that the cabinet is ordered, so that you can see more or less, all the leaders we have, so as to prevent shirts or pants , remain forgotten in the bottom of the drawer for the entire season. Although the base is all a matter of good taste , to match the styles in clothing, you still need to consider the rules on the combination of colors, fabrics, shoes and accessories.

The clothing is about us. We mirrors. We must try to always wear something in which we feel comfortable and at ease. Choose what you like and pleases us, instead of what we think will please others. The key thing is to match the colors, never choose leaders with the same color and different tones. Always match the color of the belt to that of the shoes or, alternatively, to combine some accessory to one or the other. Choose a make up that takes a predominant color of ‘ clothing , and of course that is suitable for our face.


All about the colors you choose and manage them knowing that we could play with more styles. Why are the colors lead mingle and harmony with all. Black is a color that can be paired with almost all other colors. We can wear a simple black dress , and play with the colors of accessories , which can have an ethnic appeal, or classic, or 80s. Although white is a color that can be matched with all, bearing in mind, however, that unlike the black, put in prominence the physical defects. With the blue, it is unwise to use the red and yellow. The red, bold and passionate, it pairs very well with dark hues, to avoid the blue, blue, green and yellow. The yellow recalls the summer and good humor, he prefers the soft colors, such as purple and light green. With the green, avoid the purple and orange.

At this point, it will be much easier to match each other styles. You can “play down” a classic pant, with an athletic shoe, but the right color. Use a classic vest, with matching shoes, a pair of jeans. A long dress, maybe red, with accessories in the Gothic style, or to become a classic suit, a dress in a vintage style with the right accessories and shoes. Bearing in mind the basic rules, the rest is all a game of imagination and creativity. In this way we use everything we have in our wardrobe, in a completely new and original.