Who is the woman with the physical breadstick? Basically it is a person who has no obvious curves, it is very lean and apparently seems to be able to wear just about anything. But it is not always the case.

Every woman has her body , its strengths and, alas , even the weak ones, that none would like to show and especially to emphasize. Unfortunately, often the victims of fashion and poor judgment, sometimes you tend to buy clothing not properly fit their physique. But how to understand what shape and what are the right clothes and the wrong ones?

There is an easy and simple way to classify forms the most common of the female body: there is one on the Hourglass , shoulders and hips of the same width and very narrow waist, the pear-shaped, narrow at the waist and slowly going to expand on the sides: one on the apple , definitely the more rounded, and, conversely, there is the physical breadstick, also called rectangle , which shows almost no curves. How to Dress a physical breadstick? right clothing


You’re probably thinking , “and it takes?! If one is lean can get around. ” In fact, not wrong to think so, or at least not completely. The woman with the body slender, slim, thin, no curves too obvious but without even a waist accentuated, it is ideal for designers. On them are shaped clothes that usually we see on the catwalk or hung on mannequins that populate the windows of boutiques. What can you wear? 95% of everything!

Give it the very short dresses, the sheath dresses, the masculine look, t-shirts stretch, short ones, the top of any kind (always pay attention to the neckline), shorts, jeans low waist, the skirts, the pencil skirt … Yes , blessed the woman breadstick that can get whatever you want.

However, there is a look that gives it particularly . Not that it is bad, but does not stand out perfectly his body rectangle. This is what we typically define the ’50s, or what you strongly tightens the waist. Here, the woman breadstick the waist does not have close to nothing, so the look of a pin up explosive is not his forte.

Also, do not even that gives particularly oversized , imagine it with a long shirt and wide, it will look more feminine on a hanger that on her! Yes, in general, the woman breadstick can afford to wear anything, even the shoes very low , which often are abolished by the shoe ladies seeking an “impetus” more. To conclude: Blessed are the women breadstick!