The lip colors are the new must-have for 2013. What’s this? Color makeup lips, which are very natural and that penetrate the skin. It is not creamy products, but with a watery consistency that allows them to coalesce with your lips and to maintain the color for many hours. A natural result, of course depending on the color you choose, and it can also become bright and shiny by applying gloss that brings out the shades of lip stain choice.

Tints lips of the famous brands

Brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Urban Decay launched their lip tints, the colors of the moment. From time also Benefit presented his Benet int, a jar with a colored fluid is applied with a brush and can be modulated in intensity on the lips, which has a price of about 27 euro. Good marks for the lip stain of Yves Saint Laurent has a price of about 29 euro: a solid color and gloss that lasts perfectly on the lips for 12 hours. Even brands like Kiko, Rimmel London, Givenchy, Sephora and Maybelline have offered their shades for lips, with trendy colors, from the most natural to the brightest. So you can choose the classic beige, for a nude look chic, but also penetrating into the red lips will give you a chic and above all exceptional durability and a unique holding.


The colors lips dry out your skin?

Many girls who have tried the colors for lips complain about the excessive dryness of these products. In fact, the products are designed on the basis of aqueous to penetrate better into the skin and to last longer and to this are very different from lipsticks and lip gloss. It is often very natural tones that blend with their lips, but have the drawback of not being adapted to those who have very dry lips. Among the most popular are those of YSL , who also have a moisturizing factor that less dry lips. The advice is to try the various brands in the perfume and find the one that suits you. Remember fact that, as said in the exclusive interview with Clio Pour Femme some time ago, tints lips are the true revolutionary product for 2013 . “They give color and shine to the lips, but not dry them as usually happens with gloss, plus are very durable, still intact even after hours. I think they are intended to have a good success, “he said in fact the famous make up artist. There remains to try and let us know what you think!