Is staged the coolest evening of the year, that of the Golden Globe 2013 : the coveted awards saw an exceptional participation of VIPs for the occasion have obviously raised look, make-up and hairstyles really chic. Among the beautiful fact here is Megan Fox new mother, Anne Hathaway with her ​​short hair, Eva Longoria always sensual, Nicole Kidman close to her husband’s arm. Look stunning evening designed to perfection, just as hairstyles and makeup, celebrities have preferred that the natural and sophisticated, without then propose ideas too extravagant.

The make up of the Golden Globe

Chic and stylish choices when it comes to make up the stars were very prudent. For most fact, the beautiful have chosen to bring look natural and simple. Nude look for Lucy Liu points out that only his eyes slightly, leaving the lips of their natural color. Same choice for the beautiful Megan Fox, with perfect eyebrows and that makes her look sensual with a simple wipe of mascara. Osa a bit ‘more Nicole Richie that combines a bright eyeshadow and pearly blue of her dress. Look for Latin Salma Hayek, which highlights her tanned skin choose a coral lipstick , must for the next hot season and Eva Longoria who does not give up his beloved smokey eyes always in shades of black.


The hairstyles of the stars at the Golden Globes

Just like the make up, the star (thankfully) have not been granted too many oddities also with regard to the hairstyles . Look stylish and chic, perfect for an elegant evening to copy: the hyper-feminine absolutely beautiful Anne Hathaway, sporting a short cut and refined . The short is also chosen from Halle Berry who now has made ​​a hallmark of his personality: in this case, however, the hair is teased, and the result glam rock. Retro hairstyle instead for Amy Adams wearing a crop lateral wave thirties. Harvest chic (and very easy to copy) for Emily Blunt who chooses a simple chignon . Same choice for Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba : both have decided to loose hair, taken from the side with well-defined waves in 30’s style. Will appeal to younger girls the tuft swab Julianne Hough, who sports this hairstyle combined with a wonderful dress evening gowns. Lucy Liu finally does not abandon the trend of the braid : here with his crop in a herringbone pattern, with a braid that starts from the top of the head.