The lipstick is not just cosmetic, but it is a must for every woman has that extra touch that emphasizes the look. You can become a sensuous and attractive, gentle and reassuring or aggressive rock: the important thing is to choose the right shade and know how to apply lipstick with diligence, care and attention .

First, moisturize your lips with a nourishing balm and neutral tone, then dab with a paper towel off any excess. This step is useful to prepare the lips to the processing, to create a real basis. The next step is very important and requires special precision: is the moment of pencil. You can define the main passage for a successful make-up, in fact, the pencil allows you to readjust your mouth and prevent the lipstick to slip into the folds. then take the pencil, if you’re a little practice to avoid errors , it is best to first draw dashes, as if to mark a guide. In this way, just finished to outline the whole outline, one can become aware before if you did wrong and it will be easier to fix it. Then simply combine the traits. If the hand is more experienced, the upper lip is from the center to finish the edges, the lower the contrary from the edges to get to put the pencil in the middle. For a better grip blurs the pencil inside of the lips with your fingertips.


Therefore lacks a last step: the application of lipstick. Take the brush and pick up a little ‘product directly from the lipstick on your lips and apply the same technique with the pencil. Keep your mouth half-open, from the lower lip, move to the edge and do the same with the upper lip. Using the brush and not directly the lipstick, to regulate the quantity of lipstick so as to avoid an excess. Once the basic application, you must fill in the lips evenly and rich in color. For a perfect fit, apply a layer of lipstick on her lips and put a paper towel, pressing lightly with your fingers. Then apply a second layer.

If you want, you can emphasize the result with the application of a gloss , in the central part of the lower lip. For the upper lip roll out a line on the wings of the lips or the ends of the cupid’s bow. will make the most sensual smile.