In the summer months there is nothing more enjoyable than spending the day relaxing in a nice seafood place . It is necessary, however, to have a suitable bag to take with you all that we will need on the beach: in addition to being beautiful, it must also be practical and functional. But fear not, there are different materials and for all tastes. An important aspect to be taken into account when choosing the bag for the beach is certainly the capacity. A bag too small would not be helpful to hold everything you need, while a too large may be uncomfortable and, once filled, it may be too heavy to carry. So you must make a list of everything you need (sunscreen, spray, books and magazines, towels and beach towels) as a rule of about.

The models in raffia or straw are ideal for those who want a bag with a refined flavor and retro. It is practical and robust materials, suitable for the beach . It is recommended that a model lined with fabric and zipper opening to keep the sand. Alternatively, if you prefer the fashion sailor can opt for a string bag, in blue and white stripes, navy-style. It is better to opt for a model with a zipped inner pocket, where you can store valuables such as wallet, keys, watch and cell phone.


A bag with the basic crochet straw, however, is ideal for those who want to be trendy even under the umbrella. For the minimalist, used to take with them only what you need, okay also a mini-bag colored, preferably waterproof fabric to choose from, it is important to adopt a modern towel sea microfiber, light and compact to carry.

For some time the shopper are in vogue transparent plastic, durable and waterproof are particularly useful when we have to put inside the costume still damp or wet towel. The fluorescent colors as fuchsia, yellow highlighter and bright green are certainly trendy The only drawback of these models is that they leave items in plain view, they are, therefore, not recommended to staunch privacy advocates, who want to keep their belongings safe from prying eyes Finally, you can also opt for a shopper fabric , enhanced by a beautiful print or a unique bag foam, capacious and easy to wash.