Chubby thighs, a round butt and short legs with the perfect pair of jeans you conceal your problem areas and emphasize your best features. We accompanied the four readers when buying jeans. Read how to find the optimal model and which cut which flatters figure.

The road to the perfect pair of jeans

Tube jeans, jeans or boyfriend jeans: Jeans are available in a variety of sectional shapes. Unfortunately, not every model flatters every figure. So you should be careful to select only those jeans that put their own merits in the limelight. The right model is a true magician! We accompanied the four readers when buying jeans. Each of you has betrayed us your personal problem zones. A round butt, short legs, chubby thighs or a smaller stomach with the perfect pair of jeans can be sent to cheat. With little tricks a round butt looks the same lot flatter. And short legs can visually lengthen the ideal sectional shape. The perfect jeans for our readers 5 tips for your jeans-buying sales expert (34) of Jeans Project know useful tips on what to when should make buying jeans.


1. Do not make any trend with: let talk into taking Just nothing! No matter which interface is currently in demand, which is still the trendiest jeans that fits you well.
2. Important is proper washing: Light or dark that is often the question! In short, strong legs, we always recommend a dark jeans and a decent wash in the middle of the leg, because your legs look stretched. Bright jeans should sit rather loose.
3. Pay attention to the shape of the seat pockets: a small detail with a big impact! Broad short bags can also work your butt wider, better choose elongated. Pockets with flaps and buttons to wear bulky.
4. Expensive is not necessarily better: Even for little money they have great jeans that are of good quality. It also super-effective manufacturers have developed methods for washing and destroyed techniques which act as high quality.
5. Holes the seller: Please consult extensively!
6. Sales specialists have years of experience a good view of what’s right for a customer and what is not. Nevertheless: Take still other models except those recommended in the dressing room. To be absolutely sure that you will find your new favorite jeans!

And so your jeans stays in shape:

Take to get the shape and color, liquid color detergent without optical brighteners. so there are no unsightly stains wash. From left to wash and iron! As possible on the line to dry and avoid direct sun.