The enamel at the foot of beauty is a must for women who always want to feel good about themselves, because nail polish is always considered to be synonymous with beauty, charm and fashion. One foot enamel suitable for our kind of flesh, knows stand it any type of foot and if carried out properly and even along the fashionable colors, are a fundamental element of beauty especially in the summer when we women are the same way as sandals or other types of open shoes. It is certain that put themselves at the foot of the enamel is not exactly easy, but with some forethought and a little training, it can become really easy undertaking. But let us see how to do it step by step.

Beauty Bath at our feet. First thing to do before moving on enamel, is a good foot bath at our feet that is essential for a thorough cleaning not only the skin but also the nails and also why not, a time of relaxation for ourselves that never hurts! immerse your feet in a basin of warm water and two tablespoons of baking soda, which is always considered an ally of beauty as thoroughly cleans, disinfects and has a significant smoothing power. After ten minutes and after drying your feet carefully, we can move to the heart of our guide.


Let a base. Before the glaze itself is a good idea to use a good base for nails, as this protects the nails of the feet from damage caused by enamel, as the annoying residual color. Indeed, it is now known that the nails of the feet being slightly more “porous” of those of the hands, have an increased capacity to retain the pigments of the enamel, which translates very often in a change in the natural color of the nail. An example is the phenomenon of yellowing nail. So, always choose a good basis to prevent future damage. In the case of non-homogeneous nails, file them so that we can all have a uniform size.

Let the glaze. After drying for base well, we can move on to the next stage, that of enamel. Recall that the color of the glaze is good that matches your skin tone to avoid effects “distorting”. Let us in a sitting position and bend the knee upward with his hand right we apply the glaze. Obviously, depending on the type and quality of the glaze may be necessary several passes, but this you will decide depending on the effect desired. Once you’ve done one foot, repeat the same procedure on the other foot.

A good top coat as a finishing touch. Never forget that if we want our hard enamel over time, and this can happen for several reasons, the sea water and / or rubbing from closed shoes, you will need to apply a good top coat after drying the colored enamel that we have chosen. When a top coat is good not only will give us a better grip of the enamel, but also faster drying. And now we’re ready to show off our feet!