Generally between cosmetics, we find products for dry, oily or combination skin. But what are the differences? If your skin is dry it is also inelastic, more delicate and sometimes cracked. Oily skin is often greasy, prepared in the presence of pimples and certainly not the best for those who (like me!) loves makeup. A When you find the type of skin we provide the most suitable products, but what to do when our skin is mixed? When we have areas of dry skin but also oily, we can say we have a combination skin. We realize that when the T-zone is oily while the area around the eyes is dry. The majority of people have this type of skin and there products are suitable to treat it.

Still doubt your skin type? A dear friend beautician asked me to do a test by putting on a face sheet of tissue paper to see if they remain greased (just in the T-zone). When you buy a product to treat combination skin, keep in mind that absolutely must be oil-free, possibly to regulate the opacity of your skin in order not to be greased. are commercially available moisturizing sebum regulators. But what are they? The sebaceous glands produce oily cells giving precisely the clarity and make greasy skin. So it is better to buy products that have the task of regulating the production of these cells.


What cosmetic use? Definitely going to use tricks moisturizers (there are many on the market.) If you have the habit of daily carving, remember to thoroughly remove all traces of cosmetics, with a good cleanser and apply a tonic astringent, pressing lightly with a cotton ball put greater emphasis on areas at the sides of the nose, chin and forehead. every 10 – 12 days made ​​a deep cleansing facial, with an exfoliating mask. For this type of skin you should always use natural and non-aggressive.

The power supply plays a vital role in skin care, choose to include in your diet, fresh fruits and vegetables, also drink plenty of water helps the skin to naturally find the right balance. body always draws most benefit from a good diet, and you will soon notice the difference and results. We find a lot of help in the cosmetic industry, but also many simple tips natural and healthy, we can follow without having to spend much. I would suggest about a steam sauna you can run with a bowl full of boiling water and the head covered with a towel. Vapour allow skin pores to dilate and removal of annoying points blacks will be facilitated.