30 ‘s makeup, is very special and fascinating. In these years the priorities as regards the make-up, were his eyes and lips in the foreground. In these steps I recommend colors, eye shadows and ways to use them to do a makeup inspired by the 1930s. Good make up!

In this step you describe how to use various eye shadows and colors for a 1930s makeup! The first element to which we must pay a lot of attention is the skin, in the 1930s skin color had to be very clear, so you have to first of all apply on face a mattifying moisturizer, if we have oily skin or mixed, then choose a foundation color of your complexion. There are various types of Foundation, fluid if you have dry skin, foam if you mixed or oily skin or mineral suitable for all skin types. Having laid the Foundation, apply the concealer on dark circles and imperfections eventually step lesser face powder to even out the trick.

After the facial makeup, eye makeup step, use a light beige eyeshadow and lie on the whole eyelid, take a light gray eyeshadow and the sfumo at the center of the eyelid, then use a dark gray or black eye shadow and put it in the outer corner of the eye, blurring out. I make a row with the black eyeliner or dark brown, thin and very close to the lash line, bend the lashes for a few seconds with the eyelash curler and apply a black curling mascara to give depth to the look. Another important element in the make-up of the 30 are eyebrows, wear very thin and elongated, then we define our eyebrows with a pencil dark brown or black provided, extending the stroke.


I apply on my cheeks a deep pink blush to give definition to the cheekbones, to complete the trick I have lips, drawing very smooth contour with a dark red pencil to outline the contour, I apply a dark red or Burgundy lipstick across her mouth. The trick is done, these steps I have described the main colours and characteristics with regard to eyes, mouth and face makeup in the 1930s, is a trick very fascinating that there are definitely featured both eyes that her lips, is a lot of fun playing a trick so particular to go back in time! thanks and good trick!.