The powder has its origin in ancient China, later found its development in Europe in the fifteenth century initially as bleaching hair and finally the seventeenth century it became one of the most widely used cosmetic products. Today, although its use is often confused with other products, if properly used, the powder becomes a step absolutely necessary in order to obtain a porcelain complexion after using the moisturizer and a good foundation suitable for our skin and our complexion.

The powder is a product truly unique for certain purposes, and, therefore, there are on the market as many formats. The compact powder, in particular, possesses very precise characteristics, which make it more suitable for certain types of skin rather than to other, also because the fact that it is pressed powder and not free confers to this specific form of powder of the special specifications. In this case, the compact is more suitable for combination or oily skin, as it has an effect more covering than that free (mineral) since the particles of dust are closely joined to each other, so if using the powder compact your imperfections are particularly well covered and camouflaged.


Having established which shade of powder more fits your complexion, you begin to apply it. Take the latex sponge of your powder (or a broad brush and dish, but usually the box of powder compacts has both mirror that of latex sponge, so it is very convenient to carry outside the home for slight) and picked up a little product at a time. Applied the product, especially in areas that tend to become more polished the rest of the visa (the so-called T-zone : forehead – nose – chin ) and blend well, so with the heat of your face will smudge the product in the best way, thus avoiding having to set those annoying and unsightly patches of color. Then, proceed to apply the powder all over your face taking care to blend well. Apply a little product on the neck to avoid unsightly cuts in the same color.
Now, your perfect base uniform is complete and your flesh will be much more uniform and healthy and all thanks to the powder!

Obviously, the compact powder, like all other types of powder, has several uses. addition to to create a base for face and eyes (who has her beautiful skin may not need even a foundation, and then please contact directly to the powder, while the eyes creates a great base for eye shadows blend better), fixed all the makeup and fixes that you applied the concealer on imperfections (small pimples, blacks dots, spots, etc.). In addition, it also minimizes the pores of the face, as long as it’s a powder (preferably free) good quality (because of low quality powders often appear on the face and give that ugly coarse powdery effect). Not Finally, the powder can be used also as illuminating: are commercially different finish (matte, satin, illuminating) which contain within them different percentages of illuminating pigments, which are then useful to illuminate specific areas of the face (the area immediately above the cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, the outer corner of the eye.) there are thousands of powders, it is difficult to find one that fits “perfectly” to our skin type and the result we want to achieve with the final trick but once found you will not will separate more !