The sandals are the footwear definitely comfortable and versatile, suitable for everyday occasions. Here we will see how to make sandals with straw, inspired by the Japanese model Fujiwara, worn by all walks of life. If you do not like straw, hemp will be fine also. Procedure is quite simple, but it is very important that you follow carefully all the steps to get the shoes comfortable and attractive aesthetically.

First, you need to find a long piece of rope. Buy it in a type not rough, not to irritate the skin. In the market there are many variations, from the natural to the most original and colorful, enriched with satin coatings or fibers of hemp or flax intertwined. Wrap the string around the widest part of the foot and cut into size, leaving a few inches to the nodes and finishes. Then insert another piece of rope between the big toe and second toe, causing it from below. You have to get a Y shape, which will be the basis for the subsequent braiding. Even in this case, leave more space to the end.


Take the slippers you no longer use and remove the top, gaining the sole. If you prefer, you can also cut a piece of straw in the shape of your foot, but will need the help of a cobbler to make the seams of the skirt. Insert one end of the rope in the center of the tip of the sole, securing with a knot at the back. Intricate from right to left, and then in the opposite direction. Repeat this procedure for winding four or five times, to make sure the toe area of the sandal has been completely closed and close properly. Keep the longer pieces of rope from processing the remaining Y) large enough to surround your feet. Then continue to work with the rope the same procedure, making the layers as tight as possible.

Made of the belts with the addition of a further piece of rope or hemp. The front will be a simple ring that will be stopped on the back of sandalwood, on each side. These small loops will serve as slots for the strings, which will be used to fasten the sandal. At this point, take the ends of the processing to Y and annotated the sides. If you like the idea, the decorated sandals with pendants , beads or small stones in wood.