We all know that a good look street style is not easy. Especially if what is sought is to be aware of the latest fashion trends, latest trends, and the latest must have no doubt we should have in our wardrobe. However, the proposal is different. It will show a classic outfit to go shopping, go to work, or just to look around town, but I will propose three ingenious and fantastic looks for how to wear a sexy street styles to go traveling in the summer. Interesting, is not it? Courage! Follow these steps, and begins to implement outfits like these if they are to enjoy a slight break for some part of the world.

First look

The first look I have selected have much to talk about. First of all, a very classic pattern with small white polka dots and a red skirt flared accompanying perfection. This is a somewhat traditional outfit, but basically looking gorgeous, and it might even belong to any collection cruise or resort , right? Meanwhile, the shoe is in suede high platform with a slight, but very comfortable to wear. Do you like?


Second look

We spent a little more summery look, with lots of white to welcome the intense heat and warm summer temperatures. What is the proposal? Implement whites especially in skirts no matter what model they have. After selecting the garment light dress, you can opt for patterned jackets (as in the picture) or even more accessories in white, like a sun hat stylish and attractive.

Third look

This third look is something different from the rest. Yes it is still very summery for wearing pastels and as fresh, but it certainly could also be a perfect street style street to look around the city. The proposal shows how it is possible to combine two colors in the same range without being too “loaded”. Yes, watch accessories and accessories you choose. Try to choose colors that contrast or maybe just follow the example proposed in the images and uses a matte black for bag and shoes.


We have then, some interesting ideas of clothing if you are planning a short break and do not know what to wear. Quiet! Just put up these tips, select similar garments, and sports a perfect street style to go on vacation.