How to do natural eye makeup? To do so does not take many beauty products because of its simplicity, it can be done with 4 easy steps. The beauty of a face can be further enhanced by using a natural makeup , yet very elegant. Natural makeup is a perfect make up daily easy to realize that it takes too long, especially for those in a hurry to go to school, college or work.

how to do natural eye makeup

First, very important before starting to wear makeup, it is useful to draw on your face cream hydrant so you can help your skin to be soft, and be ready for the drafting of the foundation . The liquid foundation is ideal to have a perfect complexion and bright; it covers the small flaws of our face. (Or for those who suffer from pimples, redness, visible scarring, can use a BB cream , that is a moisturizer and colored (which is used in the summer, and that allows you to moisturize and protect from the sun, our skin).

After lying on the face foundation all over your face, you can use an opaque concealer to hide dark circles and bags from the eyes; It can also be used in the red parts of the face caused by pimples that are seen despite the foundation. It is very important though that the concealer is spread only on the affected area (and then only on the defect itself) and not all over your face.

Once you have completed the base formed by the foundation and concealer, to give a little ‘light to the eye, apply on the eyelid a beige eye shadow , spreading it with the same finger. (The heat of the finger will be able to standardize and lay perfectly eyeshadow). Fixed eyeshadow use a black pencil soft (so as to be easily bendable) or a black eye shadow , and slowly touching the eyelashes, draw a light line. With a professional brush (or with a cotton swab, if you do not have the brush), go to soften the pencil; in this way it will be possible to define the eye and make it more sophisticated.

Finally put mascara on both top and bottom of the eye, in order to have an intense look and voluminous. Completed eyes you pass to the cheeks, and a faint blush color nude or apricot , go to enhance color and cheekbones. Generally if you use a cream blush, you can use on the lips, the same color; otherwise you can opt for a matte nude color lipstick, lip gloss or a soft that will enhance and give volume to the lips.