The 80 years have left their mark and there are many clothes that debuted at that decade which, even today, we can not do without. Change slightly the lines, sometimes change the names, definitely have changed the materials (and not always for the better seen the tendency acrylic). So what are the garments with? Surely Leggings. Once they were simply called leggings. We remember them with t-shirt and worn with sneakers. The girls, lovers of punk, they often crawled under the skirts of jeans. Not much has changed. Today, the leggings are assimilation both in summer and in winter under mini dress, long skirts and sweaters. Are worn with any shoe, the boot heel sandal 12.

Back in the 2013 season sweatshirt. In fact it has never waned. In the eighties had a soft and abundant, it is now much more slender, but the use is always the same. It is used in the gym, or at play. Always eighties there are high-waisted jeans. The famous 501 Levi’s are perhaps the most historic model. Right now we are in a transitional phase (the low life continues to predominate), but for the summer 2013 and winter 2014 then surely return to get up in the life (navel area). The closure? Obviously zip and buttons.


Then the fabulous sweaters wide, with butterfly sleeves. Possibly have to discover a shoulder adequately covered by a tank top with American or strap wide (do not know if you remember the star of Flash dance). It’s very eighties shoulder pads under jackets and white t-shirt, which must be taken strictly in the pants. For the winter should not miss two jackets: the bomber and the comforter. Colors? Of course, you choose them, but remember that if you really want to be in style a touch of soft-focus it takes, at least in the accessories.