The nails are passion, obsession, but also many girls. Now decorate nails has become a real art and proliferate more and more schools that train personnel that knows how to work her nails as they grow more and more centers that offer this service to girls and women. Unfortunately, not all have the time and money needed to attend to the nail, but thanks to this tutorial, we will explain how, in just 20 minutes, you can prepare the nails fashionable and attractive, that will surely impress your interlocutors without you’ve spent big bucks and having done everything by themselves without the need for specialists.

You need to get a base transparent glaze and the light color. Consider now the base and clear smear gently on the nails after they were first thoroughly cleaned and filed, so that the base will stick well to the nail. Now let them dry for about three minutes. Ora started to pass the polish of your choice, if you have taken a very light color, you should pass it several times so that the color, even if slight, is well marked.


Now take of newspapers or magazines and cut out of pieces by many squares. In the meantime, take a glass of water and pour in a little ‘disinfectant containing alcohol. Dip each one of the squares in disinfectant and, once the paper is soaked thoroughly, pull it out with the help of tweezers for eyebrows. Then put the box on your nail and press gently for a few seconds and then remove the handle slowly. This must be done for each nail. The writing is to be transferred from the newspaper to the nail, creating the desired effect.

At this point, we’re almost finished. It should, however, put the polish on your nails just work transparently in order to protect the job done and not to leave so that the text is lost in a short time. If the job is well done, the enamel can last for 5-6 days, with little money making your nails attractive. The cost, if you think about it, it is particularly zero, because we probably already have at home all the required ingredients, or at least can be found at very low cost. The time is also very reduced, since the operation will not last more than 20 minutes, which is an acceptable period of time to be beautiful.