They make the perfect gifts for your loved ones as it is the ultimate gemstone which reflects purity and eternity. There are many new shapes and cuts of diamonds that are available in the market today which are used to make the best jewelry all round the world. Apart from the traditional shapes of diamonds such as round, emerald, oval, etc, the jewelers today are coming up with new innovative cuts to keep up with the increasing demand of variety from diamond lovers. New cuts such as Lucida, the princess cut, the trilliant cut and the bagillion cut are gaining popularity rapidly among customers nowadays.

The crisscut Lili Diamonds also are a very popular cut for diamonds. Crisscut is the most radiant way to cut a diamond that reveals its pure beauty. The long and short crisscrossed facades of the stone bounce off the light from one another and gives this the diamond its amazing electricity. The advanced technology used in calculating and designing the diamond gives it excellent reflective eminence and incomparable radiance. The jewelers use these stones as side diamonds in customary designs or they also use them in contemporary jewelry designs that have clean and straight lines.

Lili Diamonds is a popular name in the world of straight edged diamond manufacturer. They are widely renowned for their globally registered patent and special cuts. Their cuts like Crisscut,, Meteor Cut, Crisscut Cushion, Wondercut, Orchidea cut and Lily cut are very popular throughout the world. They provide their customers patent cut and traditional cut diamond single diamonds, perfect layouts and matching pairs that are brilliantly designed to be used into necklaces, bracelets and rings. Diamonds such as Square Emerald, Emerald, Radiant, Cushion and Princess shaped diamonds are widely used in manufacturing amazing jewelry designs that will leave the buyer mesmerized.