The shoes are the business card of the people. High , low, of leather shoes, gym shoes. Just look at her feet to understand the character of who we face. In order not to give the wrong impression of us, it is important that they are always in order, but how to clean your shoes at best? Here’s some simple advice .

To keep as long as possible the elegance, the leather shoes should be cleaned with care. YES starts by removing the surface dirt . Stubborn stains are removed with a little soap. Then the transparency. A cloth is ideal to spread it evenly. A soft brush will help to finish the job and give shine to our footwear. If your shoes have an air living, a little milk will nourish the skin before an energetic rubbed with a cloth soaked in water. To do no harm should not ever dry on a radiator, and even use oil but only the transparency of the exact color of the skin. By doing so you will have a good result.


A couple of dancers or cleavage have almost all of the paint. If you do not want to damage them irreparably forget the classic brush to clean them. After being dusted, you have to use a sponge with a little moisturizing lotion to make them shine and make disappear the possible stains. To eliminate or make less visible cracks that sometimes form just of ‘ castor oil or any other oil that softens. It is advisable never to wear this kind of shoes if they are not perfectly polished, not to give you an idea of neglect.

The type of exercise is the one most used by young people and not only The simplest and least expensive, you can put them in a pillow and machine-washed . Thinking smell that often emanate, it is not wrong to combine the detergent usually a teaspoon of baking soda, which is also an excellent sanitizer. If they are very dirty it is best to wash by hand with the help of a brush, paying attention also to the most hidden laces, which tend to get dirty very , you can remove and treat energetic way with the soap. Finally a decisive passed under the shower to remove all the soap both inside and outside the shoe should be dried in the open air and not near any heat sources because they could deformed. If skin should be treated like other shoes of the same material .