At the foot of the sock fashion shoes! Discover the best trendy styles of the season Spring / Summer 2013.

Let’s take a moment two accounts with what fashion has decided to reiterate for the season Spring / Summer 2013 . Certainly during the warm months we will see all the colors, Pantone has in fact well-defined its palette of colors must , declaring the absolute ruler, the emerald green. together We have seen too many of the new trends that involve clothing, discovering new fantasies, cuts and details. In addition, we have also shown all the it bag of the season , the bags for which you can really lose your head. Do not you like to know more also when it comes to shoes ? With the arrival of the warmer months return to fleets also open shoes, a myriad of sandals with or without heel but certainly not only the only choice. But first things first and see, first of all, the models will wear so glam our feet.


Straight from the fashion past, after living a few years of darkness, back in fashion pointy shoes. ‘ll find them really in any collection shoes, from the most chic to the most cheap. Had you set aside when they were replaced by the models with a rounded tip? So it’s appropriate that you withdraw out again! In the event that they remain without you, dear friends, it is appropriate to give themselves a little healthy shopping . Also, this is a model of shoe forever, then investiture a bit, fashion passes but then, however, always comes back!

We go down for a moment at the heels, apparent, and let the foot a nice pair of comfortable sneakers . Yea, even the sneakers, obviously a model walking, often characterized by cool apps, such as studs. They can always classic shoes trivial but actually inside them there is a nice little heel. They are the wedge sneakers, or the sneakers with the internal wedge. Comfortable, practical and always glam, launched by Isabel Marant, are now a must. Of the series, ‘where do you go if the wedge sneakers do not have it?’.

And now let’s talk a moment of fantasy, because we want to remind you that the pattern will be major players in the summer. Absolutely glam floral print, which is also found on many shoes, from pump to sandals . Obviously can not miss the shoes low, and after the great success of last season hot, they come back into fashion slippers provided they are bubbly and fun, just like the ones that we show in the picture. After discovering what are the shoes trend during the Spring / Summer 2013, tell us, what are your must haves?