What are the shoes you like the most? Comfortable, high, chic and above all colorful and suitable for all the women are the wedges!

There are those who prefer high, some low, who wants to be super feminine and who, instead, want something comfortable to wear. Yes, we’re just talking about shoes, friends and allies but sometimes even a little uncomfortable. Which are the shoes must of the summer? If low shot flip-flops are always a great choice and comfortable for many women, but there is who wants to have a little extra height, that evil never do. course close the pins inside the pump soar on sandals and beautiful all day is not really the best choice. Bets on wedges, which are of espadrilles or reinterpretations of classic court shoes or ankle boots. In this article we show you some models, all strictly in balance, which you can purchase at this time to get some shoes beautiful, comfortable and affordable accommodation. Moreover, the selection is quite varied, depending on the brand selected, so that every woman, girls to the ladies, you can find the model that best fits your style and needs.


This first selection you can find it from coat. The first model is characterized by yellow straps (also available in other colors), and t-bar brown, with silver studs. The wedge is made ​​of wood and has a particular detail in plexi. The next model is more classic, with a large central bow, striped thin wedge raffia.

The second selection we propose the signature Berserk. The first model is rather special and rock, more suited to girls and to wear for evenings with friends. the ankle boot is black Berserk Consip on the back, checked and striped wedge cross. The model blue next door is much more classic, which is also characterized by these colored lines on a cork wedge heel. Closes the triptych a model intriguing and fascinating ethnic. Also in this case the wedge is decorated throughout.

Miss a selection of wedges from Mango. The first model is quite low, very comfortable, powder suede and snake print leather anklet band. Besides I chose a neckline with a narrow point anklet and always covered wedge of skin tone on tone. E then a model that will delight the ladies, an open toe with crossed bands , model espadrilles, this fabric features bright bronzed brown.

Concludes this selection a small collection of mini wedges Zara. The first model is characterized by the intense bright green and a comfortable cork wedge. Followed a wedge very low, practically a platform, which at this time seems to be quite trendy, especially outside of Europe. This Zadar has red snake leather bands. Finally, another model very trendy but also very high, characterized by a contrast striped black and white.