Dress up your feet with shoes that there are more feminine. Try the cleavage colored to give a new touch to your summer!

Many times, especially when making the change of season, we find ourselves faced with big questions. “I put it aside or even think to wear this season?”. Of course we are not referring to a hot wool sweater or a jacket with hood but to all those leaders that qualify as “mid-season”. And then there are the evergreen, evergreen fashion that can be worn in any season. An example? Think about the t-shirt. Often in winter worn under a sweatshirt or sweater and then the summer sported just above a pair of shorts. A similar argument also applies to shoes .

Now If I were to ask what are the shoes you usually wear in the summer and could you give me an accurate answer correct? Many may say that during the warm months at the foot fit only flip-flops and open sandals, with or no heel, canvas sneakers light and, at most, of the moccasins. Here, you do not go over. But in the world of women’s shoes is a shoe very sensual, an evergreen of this field. It is the neckline , also known as a pump , the perfect shoe for all seasons. beautiful to go to the office , perfect for a night out. The neckline is the shoe beloved by men and can be worn on numerous occasions and in all seasons.


For the summer, of course, a touch of color can not spoil! Think of the beautiful shades of pink, more or less intense, worn with a white shirt and dark pants or colorful as it can be a pair of jeans with a delicate floral fantasy micro. And for a more decisive tone bets on magenta for a touch more refined, closer to red, to be worn in the evening, perhaps in combination with a black dress.

The green, you know, is the color of the year , but even in this case the nuance available are many. They range from fluorescent, which in recent seasons is much tendency to green grass, not to mention a shade of aquamarine , perfect for summer. The blue and its shades never go out of fashion and then recall the sea in all its nuances. Here for you the cleavage colored in different shades of blue, from the more smoky in the deep blue of the night. And finally the white milk , which in summer is proposed as the new black. But, if you really can not do without the classic, wear a pair of black pumps and you will see that you will be perfect, every time and everywhere.