In a few days we will celebrate the Passover, a feast always waiting for us back in the spring, with its spectacular colors and scents. But if, as the old adage goes the popular “Christmas with your family, Easter with whomever you want,” which is to pass the holidays with close family or you decide to spend this event with friends, the usual question is: How to dress on Easter Sunday? Below you will see some practical suggestions for creating an outfit suited to Easter Sunday.

Create a look for every occasion, it is not always easy. We must therefore take into account a number of factors: our personal taste, our physicality, the ability to make purchases or re-use everything we have in the closet, as well as, the opportunity for which we wear and as a result, but not least, the seasonality. If the Winter Classic occasions, such as Christmas or New Year’s must is certainly the characteristic red color, perhaps to match gold or silver, for Easter is a must focus on soft colors, pastels.


First rule is then to get rid of heavy fabrics, clothing and dark shades, a little ‘dark who have accompanied us during the winter months. Let us therefore reveal the freshness of the new spring season through our clothing, so go ahead in light fabrics and impalpable, but at the same time practical and glorifying colors to the colors of flowers and nature.

If the Easter day will be devoted to religious services, as tradition dictates, you should opt for something a little classic but always good idea, especially if you are invited to the traditional lunch with relatives or friends. The dress is always very popular, with which the solution is never wrong. A model is always current sheath dress, available in soft colors like beige, to enrich obviously with the right accessories, such as shoes or jewelry maybe a bit showy, as they want the latest fashion trends. Even the matching skirt-blouse, it will be perfectly suited so well, the alternative to wear pants, maybe classics and dark, even blacks, will allow us to complete a wide range of combinations for any colorful or patterned blouses. The shoes, essential accessories, complete the look, along with the stock market, pointing out that, even for these strong points of the outfit, the rule is quite momentariness color and that it is not an obligation, to coordinate the shoes to the bag, indeed, of great effect is to “pull” the colors and materials, maintaining, of course, a certain harmony in the collection .

If the holiday instead will allow a more informal occasion, because probably spending the Sunday open air, at sea or in the countryside, the best choice will be the jeans to match maybe a romantic blouse. Always carry a vest, a classic shawl or a feather duster, to avoid the possible and often likely in the spring, abrupt climate change, and Happy Easter!