The shirts are one of the big must-have this spring 2014. Considered for a long time a garment authoritative and perfect for going to work, to choose possibly white and without special decorations or details, now back to win the big male audience with elements, precious and beautiful but also shapes and fabrics and cutting-edge, definitely, very feminine. We saw above on the catwalk, during the alternating fashion show Valentino and Saint Laurent, and now we can not wait to wear them. But how? Each type of pairing, excluding suit, is always welcome. The shirt goes well with jeans, with skirts, with all kinds of pants, from wide leg to skinny, from high-waited to the lowest. You can also match the blazer or cardigan jackets, boleros and even the models of jeans.

What are the shirts spring 2014 can not miss? There are several but the ones that first of all you should definitely get you those are male . For “male” we mean all those models of dyed sky blue, with the sleeves slightly wide and narrow cuffs, preferably characterized by fantasy stonemason or vertical lines of white and blue.


Slightly transparent ? Why not, as long as you don under the intimate and appropriate to go to work absolutely a tank top or a top clear if your shirt is black or clear in the case of dark blouse.

Among the most beautiful models there are those with special buttons or closures in the shape of flake , which are tied around the neck. If you opt for silk shirts fantasies choose it with beautiful and chic, the floral ones in the first place.

In addition, very trendy too, and again, the shirts of jeans, more and more rich in detail and accessories such as drawings, prints, embroidery and studs. And you, what shirt you choose for this spring 2014?