In this guide, we will give the simple straight how to dress casual. It is a real fashion that is in the care of every little detail. It consists of a type of clothing suitable for every occasion. From a simple picnic at a business dinner or why not to an output with your partner.

First of all, the casual style does not require the use of old pants or jeans even if new models, but ripped, and even less stretched meshes. As the goal of this style is to match at the same time informal style to the classic one, in a manner that is casual and elegant at the same time. In the event that you decide to wear a cardigan (which fully represents the casual style) should be left to be the last that the top button open, the same applies if you decide to use a jacket, it is appropriate button only those at the bottom.

With regard to the colors, instead, perform a separate discussion. In this case, it is preferable not to wear too many clothes in black. Are no longer recommended for neutral colors or pastel colors like pink, beige to match preferably with brighter colors. So beyond the clothing, it is essential pairing. The basic purpose of this style is the mix. So I will show the heads most highly recommended as: preferably dark jeans , polo, golf, cardigans, pinstriped jackets , trench coat on blue or neutral colors, pants ribbed and finally shoes , preferably not shiny.


The sneakers as well as sandals Definitely better shoes in materials such as leather moccasins Indicated are the shirts of almost any kind to women who wish to follow this style, should avoid tight clothing such as short skirts You can also mix to achieve elegance and fluency. In fact you can wear items of denim garments with silk or cashmere An authentic sweater or cardigan cashmere with a silk shirt and a simple jeans And you will for sure a beautiful and elegant figure! It should be noted finally, for women, that the trick is to be combined with this particular style, so it is of paramount importance advise them a very natural make-up, bright colors, earth, much more natural.