Among all the many looks in the fashion industry seems to the casual look particularly inviting. Trend and comfort close to around here.

Comfortable to wear dresses and style are not mutually exclusive, the casual look is a good example in this regard represents Casual stands for casual outfits, which certainly come across also business compliant. Depending on the fashion and personal affinity provides the industry with a multitude of variations, regardless of whether it is jeans, shirts, shirts or blouses. The visual variety can be used constructively, because it becomes mode technically ever unsure as boring quickly. DKNY, the initials for Donna Karan New York, represent the perfect casual look, if you like, you can receive under the corresponding collections inspire.

Casual Look for DKNY

That the classic casual look also emphasizes character-can be worn, already showed Donna Karan. Donna’s family was already very talented in terms design and creativity, so she decided to pursue a similar career and studied at the Parsons School of Design, the formation broke off, however. Karan finally worked at Anne Klein, a fashion label and found her calling. After the Death of Anna Klein they even took over the management of the company. Louis Dell’Olio acted as equal partners. After a while, the ambitious designer eventually founded her own label, designing typical casual dresses.


Fashion Design by Donna Karan

As the designer came up with the casual look? Karan himself dressed like casual and trendy at the same time, but was given to the range which it was available for purchase, it did not please them. She was then simply get creative. Her first effusions consisted primarily of stylish jeans. Also jewelry and trendy accessories were included. The audience consisted primarily of young women. But over time widened their range elaborateness pending.

Casual fashion combine

Of course are countless designers that when it comes to the casual cheap dresses. DKNY has become fashion for art lovers a real breakthrough, because the outfits and pieces of past collections are very popular. Donnas clientele corresponded sporty but also elegant fashion fans, an interesting combination. The individual pieces were also combine individually. Especially popular are the always fashionable Marlene trousers were combined with tailored plaid jackets.

Accessories in the casual-chic

Most fashion friends not only attach importance to a wardrobe that matches their taste, but also enjoy various accessories such as cool sunglasses, handbags playful or interesting jewelry. These accessories are just there, which provide for the individual style that goes for the casual look, since this is where a simple wardrobe be upgraded fairly quickly interesting and exotic.